Below are the names of volunteers who have signed up. Each family should sign up with a separate email and password.

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Collection Site Volunteers

  1. Pam Gallant
  2. Holly Rhodes
  3. Michelle Dolge
  4. Peter Dart
  5. Charles McGonigal
  6. Brian Friel
  7. Larry Stabler
  8. Matt Dailey
  10. Caitlin Hall
  11. Jason Hall
  12. Catherine Tobin
  13. George Tobin
  14. Jake Tobin
  15. Suzie Gaston
  16. Eli Lewis
  17. Jake Morton
  18. Maurine and Anne Yap
  19. Devon Deerin
  20. Kristin Faccone
  21. Megan Tobin
  22. Joe Kerner

Where You Need Me Volunteers

  1. Philip Flannery
  2. Julia Nolan
  3. Natalie Seablom
  4. Julia Stogoski
  5. Lisa White
  6. Zelda Caldwell
  7. Finian Zakas
  8. Stephen Jepsen

To print a map of your territory, click on the territory map to expand it, then right click and save it to your computer.